About The Artist

Has anyone heard of this guy?

Who is this guy?

I’m Reggie Radney, at your service!

What does he do?

I specialize in art and culture. I create high art that is needed and useful. 

A valuable thing can be present and you can miss it by not knowing what it is or looking at it properly.

I’m an art technician and designer. An art engineer, creator of art intel and design logistics. (That means I make things happen by creating tools and resources designed to solve problems). Yeah, art can really do that.

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  1. Art Talks
  2. Speaking Engagements
  3. Special Events
  4. Entertainment, Marketing, Advertising and Product promotions
  5. Art Presentations
  6. Training

Make you’re query or request at : reg.radney@yahoo.com

Here’s your chance, don’t miss out.

Do you know something good when you see it?

Check out the Trinket Trove, you never know what you might find in there.

If you find original art you can obtain legal signatures and provenance to validate authenticity.

Great for art lovers, connoisseurs, collectors, art historians and culture experts. Excellent for teachers, professors, trainers and more. Makes outstanding accommodations for sociology, cultural studies, social science, humanities, history, business, math and numerical experts, financial institutions, therapists, rehabilitation etc.

Need custom art and fine art design to fit your organization, institution or corporation? Just send your art query to: reg.radney@yahoo.com

Limited Time Offer!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the real thing from the real person.

Great for cultural re-investment.

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Digital Art Exhibition- global invite to Forbidden. Controversy. Beauty