What is Art?

The works of art I create vary from phase to phase in my life.

I use the medium to discuss the world in which we live. Social culture contributes to everything we do. I try to create things that give people something to give thought and consideration to that they can actually do something about.

The techniques vary depending on the series or specific work. 

Some of the styles and images are created using techniques that include painting, drawing, sculpture and assemblage. But really, everything beautiful or created from a beautiful place or intention, is art. I just use my gift to help people know how to apply arts and culture to their life and surroundings to encourage learning, understanding, meaning and personal peace.

Art is not just a hobby or a past time for professionals. Artists create the things that not only define culture, but also engage the people and the things people do. I am also compelled to believe it has a healing component. 

Spiritual, emotional, psychological and more.

Art is suppose to make you feel something, see something, experience something.

It’s a very intellectual skill that has a dimensional conclusion that can be used in many ways to learn, educate, train, entertain and inform. 

I use it as a transferable skill for the people and the world in which we all share.

I try to make things so simple and beautiful that the pieces just keep on giving.

It took a while to decide what I really wanted to say and what actually needed to be said. That’s what the “art world” refers to as “finding your voice”.

I worked to create things that are more than art. Simple, beautiful and unique. So we can engage in what we already know, or don’t know, about the past and where things came from, where we actually are in the present and awareness to be ready for where we should head going forward.

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Some of the works I create have a narrative quality, while some have figurative and non-objective qualities. Art is not suppose to be limited by conforms, but it must still fit into the conform.

Art is what causes the change.

The metamorphosis of growth, education and understanding. 

Art is growth.

Art can teach people how to have appreciation for things they are unfamiliar with that fill the void of confusion. 

But, sometime it is the confusion that causes the growth. 

Art has a lot of do with problem solving. These are the methods I use to talk about popular culture and society.

Forget what you’ve only heard, see for yourself. Find out. 

Art serves as a vicarious form of human expression.

As a boy, before I even knew what art was, I can recall making images to communicate thoughts, imagination, feelings, surroundings, beliefs and more. Not just anyone can convey those elements in pictures, objects or through use of creative or artistic expression. We actually need people who can do that for people who can not, or who have not learned to yet.

Art is a very intellectual process and skill that can be expressed both consciously and subconsciously.

The courage to release what’s inside outwardly is no easy task. 

Art is present in our lives in more ways than only physical.

Art makes great acquaintance with and for literature, comprehension, interpretation, perception, communication and feeling. It increases cultural awareness and cultural literacy including visual literacy.

Art is whatever you like. What ever makes you feel good. Whatever makes you interested. Whatever makes you curious. It’s whatever you want something to be.

Art brings people together. Art brings our thoughts and feelings together and has the power to bring our world together.

Art can tap into places beyond your wildest intellectual imagination.

What Can Art Do?

It can change the tone of an atmosphere.

How you can use it…..

Share with friends-Discussions-Decorate-Conversation Pieces- Education-Entertainment etc.

Why do we need art?

It’s spiritual nourishment. It’s a great tension breaker. It’s communication.

It’s love.

It’s understanding.

It’s education.

It’s interaction.

It’s affecting us and impacting us and defining the times in which we live all the time without us knowing it. 

Artists go into the confusion and into the tension and find and draw out the beauty, the mystery and mystique of the unknown, unsaid, unasked, unquestioned, uncertain. They make sense and interest in the complicated, weird, strange, creepy, scary unknown, unexplored, thought and curiosity provoking places in human psychology, and offer up a beautiful release of discovery that reaches beyond the art.