Part 3: Artistic Freedom: Gay Rights vs. The Bible


  1. But it is still Arkansas, and residents feuding over gay rights found themselves on opposite sides of the street one recent Saturday as the third annual Celebrate Jesus Easter Parade kicked off downtown.

    • It’s unfortunate that our humanity is not the primary focus and that people have to defend the right to be treated human and respectfully, but the issue is not just one sided because it seems like in some cases people who choose to have their own “traditional” views and beliefs respected are treated equally disrespectful.

      But it all happened so fast and aggressively that I’m not sure everyone was prepared for how to handle all of it. And I guess the answers to “why” are what remain to be seen.

      Can those who wish to do something different really expect to be treated the same no matter who they are?

      What is the conflict REALLY about? Faith? Sex? Humanity? Love? Equality? Or what?

      No matter how strong our views and beliefs are, we all have to accept that there are many different kids of people and things in the world, and we have learn and adapt to a the tolerance to coexist peacefully and share what we have in common rather than destroy everything, and all things, because of our differences or disagreements.

      Thanks for your time, comments and the courage to respond.