Lost in Love: Slaves Of Emotion

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Happy Valentines Day– a message for lovers by Reggie Radney

Hey Everybody,

This is a very special piece for the lovers of the world, to help you share your love and also guard your heart from troubles, and to help protect you from system gamers who play with peoples emotions.

Last week I finally recorded a piece I wrote years ago, but I had never released it. 

It’s about just plain love.

We all dream of the ultimate most real and open expression and exchange of love with someone we feel very deeply for. Sometimes love turns out to be everything we thought it could or would be, and sometime it doesn’t. Everyone has been caught up in the rapture of what was thought to be love gone right or wrong at least once in their lives. 

There are a lot of miserable, tortured, mean spirited, evil people in the world who don’t feel good unless they are trying to harm others or bring them down. 

When a  miserable person is hurting, their own souls are bleeding, so they are desperate to find a way out, and so they prey on the souls of the lovers. They look for people with feelings, because that’s what they no longer have.

Over the last few years we have all seen several people who ended up in very difficult situations that led to personal troubles over what amounts to what they believed to be love. 

It’s February, a month specifically driven by what is supposed to be a spirit of love on Valentines Day.

A lot of people don’t have much to love, or feel loved by, on these holidays. 

Cultural and social issues have been the cause of a lot of heartbreak and confusion. Some which turned out very badly.

I’m a lover. It’s my nature. I’m also a creative. 

But I’m not a fool for love. I could have been though.

Athletes and creatives are emotional people, but you don’t get to wear your emotions on your sleeves. And that’s not easy for people to learn to manage.

I have seen so many challenges that hurt people in the name of what they believed to be love. 

I did not go through or experience all I know directly, but I learned a lot  from people I have known, loved and seen. I have had my share of emotional ups and downs in the game of life and love like everyone else. Even if only through the experiences of others I care about, and not myself directly. I have the capacity to feel and be sensitive beyond myself. It’s the way I was born. I don’t try to hide it. 

I created a piece I had in an exhibit about the heart of a champion, love and a healthy heart, with a  healthcare medical component. Heart Example Desktopvss

Believe it or not some of the deeply troubled and corrupt amongst us humans tried to scandalize the piece. I still have it. They saw the spiked part of the piece symbolic of strength of the heart and guarding a part of ones heart and literally tried to make it like an act of terror and threat was going on. That’s how far some people, some groups, organizations, institutions and corporations are willing to go to scare people into fear and away from love. Those kinds of things are exactly what the exhibit was about. The game that I saw was people tricking psychology and planting the seed of doubt to scare people away from what was right for them and into something that only “looked” right for them. Strangely, most people compete for sex. They treat sex like love and they want to be the “the first one”, so badly they will go out and attack everyone who they think would be their competition. 

In the South they do it as groups. They have their friends, buddies, club members, parents, churches and all kinds of people orchestrating “arrangements” that really have nothing to do with love. 

The art was about defending and guarding your love. It was about making a way for your heart, your soul and your mind to stay strong. About having an edge that is a reminder to handle the heart carefully. 

It was about what it takes to guard your heart and still love. 

But people who are thieves of love and the heart have to cheat. And in the South there is so limited exposure to the real world that it’s easy to trick them. That’s how they breed and groom  people to be. So people can be completely lost and not even know or realize they are lost. They have no awareness of anything beyond what they are accustomed to, but in their minds believe that they know more. But in my mind, none of it means anything and has little to do with love. I feel like it’s more like playing with love.

The disruption comes as follows. They get them comfortable. They wait until they are vulnerable in that comfort, and then gradually induce periodic traumas. Then when they finally see deep hurt and confusion, flood them and overwhelm them and run them crazy and get them stuck. 

I’ve never really been about trying to control people. I’m more interested in people controlling themselves. So many people are fighting people over sex and mates that it kills the the spirit of love. And that’s why I try not to over expose myself to the entrapping, but still stay realistic. 

I just don’t believe exploitation of love is love. 

I think the more important question is, what’s actually worth loving?

A lot of things are just overrated. 

That’s why I  provide this service for the people who really make life worth living and retain their humanity and fight for their love. 

I think I realized we might give away too much of  ourselves maybe too soon or too generously before we know what’s going on. Or sometimes not be generous enough, soon enough, for fear of getting it wrong or being taken.

I just check my spiritual meter and really hone into what I really know and feel about a situation based upon what’s real. 

Tricking people to exploit is harmful.

That to me has nothing to do with love. Weak minded, weak spirited people who allow themselves to be slaves to the emotion are a great liability to themselves and others. 

Everyone at some point wants to express fully, entirely and safely in love. But the wise ones also know that’s not something that’s as available and easy to do and find as it is made to appear.

So a lot of people get hurt from trying to get it right, even when it’s not right. I just chose not to settle for good enough and instead for ………………,well somethings need to remain personal. 

I tried love on 3 levels. Love that was too little love for me. Love that was too much for me to handle and love that was uncertain. Love can be challenged by all kinds of things that have nothing to do with love. Status, race, economics, character, values, faith, beliefs etc. But those things don’t really have much to do with love. It’s more like what you are willing to settle for.

What I know is that when real love enters the equation, things are already there. You don’t have to search for them. You don’t have to wonder. You really can sense it with or without stimuli. Once that real feeling is there, stimuli just heightens it.

It gets complicated because feelings can change, fluster, vary and confuse us. 

When it’s real, you won’t be confused.

The other thing I learned is when you finally find certain things it can make you end up more focused on the feelings than the reality. And that can be tricky. It’s very easy to be hurt and vulnerable because you have no guarantee that the other person is feeling what you feel and need at the same time, yet you could be stuck together, so to speak. 

The clarity came when it was discerned to me spiritually not to get comfortable roaming around. Being all over the place can distract you. I have found that incredible people and things will literally find find their way to you if you really create some value and respect for yourself. Sometimes you have to go get what you want. You have to make it happen. It can be terrifying and complicated. But if you do things right, it can be incredible. 

The fear of getting something wrong, failing or being rejected really shuts a lot of people down. 

REAL art people are kind of social purveyors. It’s not something you can train someone to be. So they can pick up on dimensions that most everyone else can not. Then theres the other dimension of the artists amongst other artists. Like the cream of the crop. Most people think that art is only about some picture or object they see. 

What I do is create a spiritual window for people to look into and out of. It’s a form of psycho-spiritual art

The images or objects only bring it into perspective and help the user grasp the larger picture. 

We’ll discuss my art process and other components of how I use art as a transferable skill in other programs. 

Art is a gift that God gives some people to be able to love for themselves and also make things that show or give other people love.

You can’t really make anything that means something without some degree of love. 

The art heart I had in my exhibit was about the things I learned about controlling and regulating personal emotions and also, the strengths it takes to do so. 

Love vs. Heartbreak is the scale of emotion. 

When those scales are out of balance it hurts us and people exploit that. We don’t get many opportunities to express our whole selves and whole heart without judgement or consequence. When real love is present, you can. Just make sure it’s actually love. 

A lot of people are gaming peoples trust and emotions and playing games of betrayal and heartbreak for their amusement. 

As a person who has background in the arts, part of the game of the industry predators is to try to dishearten. They sell their stories, folktales and social, psychiatric and psychological systems off the people who dared and have the courage to show their emotions. 

Most of the stories of artists and their relationships involve things that talk about the angst and torment of the artist and his or her love. 

Disheartening if you will, and then exploiting the deep heart felt emotions of the artist at their most vulnerable time. That’s part of what the alienation and isolation is about. To drive them crazy and disrupt their need to express their love. 

They also make everyone else who is NOT an artist feel they don’t need REAL love.

So they actually create artificial love by way of materialism, fantasy and delusion. 

For some reason when people don’t believe they have to work and can still have what they want or be comfortable, they somehow convince themselves that that is love. 

A lot of people are tortured by loneliness and feelings of abandonment. And those are very real feelings, especially when people actually are contributing to that kind of hurt.

The fear of abandonment and not being able to cope with the world can paralyze a person spiritually. 

The human sense of belonging and socialization is part of our health. So there are grouping systems that have been comprised to basically control socialization and natural human behavior and turn it into a system of conformity.

People are conditioned and their senses traumatized or altered. So they can’t feel and express in a normal way. They learn to feel how they are told to feel. 

Feelings and emotions can change and be all over the place so quickly that it can leave a person in a state of confusion that makes them desperate to escape their own thoughts. 

Part of the reason I broke away was because I was aware of these facts and feared being a slave to temptation and the allure of the entrappings of things that are made to seem important and matter that in reality do not, while also both pleasuring and comforting, but also harming. 

Faith is said to be the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. 

I’ve found that you can’t really find the truth until you find spiritual balance. Most people think that just because they do things “religiously” with others, that means faith. 

Faith requires personal awareness and personal responsibility.

I am compelled to believe you can not know human love and feelings without something spiritual.

Artists, writers, musicians and others who wear their emotions in their work are a very vulnerable population. So they end up vulnerable to the people who prey on the souls of the lovers.

I use to wonder, what is cause for all this harm and hurt in the world? 

Most people are afraid of the real world. 

It’s a scary place. 

But you can’t really live until the world becomes real. 

That’s why when released from the culture bubble, a lot of people have a very difficult time with reality. And that’s exactly how the biggest emotional troubles begin. 

I had to teach myself how to focus on what really matters. And I encourage you to do the same. 

You don’t get a do over when it comes to certain things. 

Each year during months that involve family, love, belonging and personal relationships, a lot of people make collective efforts to try to profit off of the “disheartening industry”. There are big bucks involved with the heart break industry.

Making people feel bad, look bad and appear unloved and unwanted to inspire reactions. 

People literally die from a broken heart. Nervous breakdowns, strokes and more.

No one thinks a gorgeous person can be somewhere privately suffering because they have been made to feel inadequate, or made to look like something is wrong with them for being emotional.

There are many who have trapped themselves in the Golden Cage. And on occasion a man can be trapped in the Golden Cage too.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have walked into the core of my humanity. I have gone into uncharted territory of the human spirit that most of us are afraid to go into. The biggest mistake one can make is to start running away from themselves.

People end up depressed, lonely, feeling inadequate, addicted, abusing substances and alcohol, self torturing and tormenting, going crazy trying to figure out what life really means and what’s suppose to matter

They hide behind things that they believe gives them reason like relationships, children and materialism etc. 

A lot of people are privately suffering. It may not seem like it.

Smiles don’t always mean happy. 

For those who are emotional, lovers and passionate people, this very special message is for you.

There are men and women who serve this nation and others who serve in other capacities other than military, who are often divided from their emotions, their feeling and their love and it can hurt.

There are spiritual predators lying in wait all the time to feast on the vulnerable emotions and sense of place and belonging people need to feel secure and loved. 

A lot of people play games with love, at other peoples expense. But you had better be careful what you put into the universe, because that bad seed sown can come back in the form of an unseen, undeniable, devastating way that will be something unanticipated. 

I have seen people hurt by love as result of their own fault, and I have seen people hurt by love because of others. A lot of people end up trapped by love. 

Years ago I saw the situations involving Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge. Then I saw many other tragedies involving people who had surreal lives and images but the same human need for love and emotion, who became overwhelmed by tainted love and betrayal. 

The first part of this program is to explain what’s going on. In the future we will discuss how and why it goes on. 

Some have wondered just how I was able to survive some of the willful attempts by emotional predators to harm me and stop me from making these facts known.

See, love can be injured. Harm of love can be orchestrated and organized. Human nature can be disrupted, altered, distorted. 

You can be pushed into doubt and made to lose the faith that real sustained, deep-from-the-heart, all the way real love is even possible.

The only fight that’s really worth fight is the the fight for love.

What is love?

It’s the only thing that matters.

If there is really nothing to REALLY love, there’s nothing that matters. 

Most people love what they are told to love or made to love. Those things might not be love at all but can look and feel like the right thing.

Most of modern culture has never had connection with what use to be called “unconditional love”.

Here’s what I know and wish to share with you.

If it’s not you who is dealing with something at this time, you may know someone who is, that you can share it with.

There are a lot of wonderful-beautiful people hurting. I’ve been trying to discuss the decline of feeling, love and humanity for years.

I have been hurt before, but not in ways I have seen many others be hurt. But it took some sacrifices just to avoid hurt, which can also be unpleasant sometime. 

I found that most people seem to spend more time trying to search for what they perceive to be love than actually loving. 

The very worst tragedies usually surround some abuse of love. 

Everyone has been hurt before when in pursuit of a safe place to love

Now we have a system designed to rob humanity of having the freedom to love and choose how they wish to, and to remain private while they are human. I may be the only one who has provided clarity for the people who really need to know and who are worth loving.

Everyone nor everything is not worth loving. Sometime it comes down to degrees of love. Real love is spiritual. But a lot of people allow their minds and emotions to be tricked and end up shocked or traumatized back into reality. 

Many have also been tricked and used by love

Everyone goes through it. You can be hurting and lonely even when with someone, and that’s even worse. 

People wonder how a person who can get just about anyone or anything they want could possibly be lonely or desperate for love. 

The film and music industry strives and survives off the broken hearts of the lovers of the world. 

There are people pushed to the brink of suicide trying to feel loved or escape feelings of abandonment and being lost and left alone in a  scary world where they feel no one really understands them. At that point emotions can flood them and overwhelm their judgement, reason and hope and just like that, tragedy. 

Poetry is part of my creative skill set. And so they have the same spiritual predators who pursue what they perceive to be the tortured poet. The Sylvia Plath or someone who had deeply heartfelt emotion that consumed them.

As children we are conditioned to believe that there is suppose to be some human validation of our worth by way of a mate, partner, friend or counterpart. And so people organize ways to persuade the judgement of what that looks like or should be. 

I believe love should be pure and uninfluenced. Most perception of love is influenced.

You don’t have to be in love to be with someone. You don’t have to be in love to do anything at all with another person. That’s all a myth. 

When real love is present you don’t even have to call it love, but we do because that’s the word we give to expressing our adoration for a person, place or thing. 


Real love doesn’t hurt. And when it does, don’t be afraid of it, because honest real love can hurt too, but differently. Sometimes love can hurt good. 

We have to be careful that we are not fooling our love.

I’ve learned that 1) sometimes a person wants to be loved,  2) sometimes a person wants to love others, and there are periods when, 3) a person can not want to love or be loved at all. 

It’s all a part of life. 

I have lost many friends and people I cared about from the things that happened as a result of broken hearts. And if I were willing, I could have even lost myself in love and for love. 

Don’t let people play with your love. 

I hope you enjoy this program. If someone is going through some confusion or other troubles, share it and perhaps it will help. 

Lot’s of love and relationships are challenged and people are stuck in confusion. Some have already lost love and given up hope that love can really be real. Rebounding after having been broken.

Love is already in the universe. Once you find it, handle it responsibly. And remember that everything that feels good isn’t necessarily love. But if love should call upon you, don’t be afraid, but also, don’t be stupid. 

Everything you want to love is not always worth loving. Save your love until you know. 

We don’t reach maturation until we can learn to deal and cope with the ups and downs of the realities of life. A lot of people hurt people because they, themselves, are hurting. 

You don’t have to let anyone hurt you. 

A real and pure love from God will never betray you. Sometimes it will lead you into something. Or lead you out of something. But if you are not spiritually aware and spiritually available, you’ll never know or find out. 

There are so many things we are suppose to be doing other do than consuming ourselves over human obsessions that we mask as love. 

I hope this helps somebody. 

Thanks again for reading the Thought Line. 

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  1. It was a pleasure to meet you Wed. at Mc Ds. Enjoyed our conversation . My daughter read your blog to me just now. We were talking about some pretty deep philosophical topics and I shared with her how you and I met, and some of what we talked about. As soon as she finished reading this to me she said “I want to start a blog.” And so she did! Haha. Thank you for inspiring my amazing daughter. I pray that God will bless you, keep you safe, and continue to work in your life so that you will be an inspiration to people like me and my daughter.