Rachel Dolezal: When Whites Not Right

The Color Line:

Rachel Dolezal: When Whites Not Right

by Reggie Radney

Title: Woman With Red Flower

by Reggie Radney
This is a painting from a series created years ago about specific issues in regard to mixed race people.
The painting reminds me of the Rachael Dolezal situation .


The original caption in draft for was as follows:
There is no monolithic image of a black woman. Some are so light they appear white(Caucasian). Some are so dark people assume they are black(African descent). Some are bi-racial/multi racial/multi-ethnic but they are all beautiful in their own unique way. Much conflict has been made over these issues. Many have been conflicted about “acting black enough, white enough, light enough, good enough, right enough.


When Whites Not Right

by Reggie Radney

I suspect everyone from the shrinks, parents, politicians and everyday people will be interested to know what is going on with Rachel Dolezal.



She’s the leader of the Spokane NAACP, and a woman we now know for certain is a white female who identifies herself as black. And who has also somehow managed to come up with good skin color and negroid hair that sells her case pretty good, at least visually.




I want to know why no one is making an admission that there is more going on.

They are using her to make artists look crazy and out of their minds.

I don’t know how many people know but she’s an incredibly talented artist and she has managed to stir up a controversy for doing something that not many white women do. She wants to be a black woman.  In some ways it seems like she’s representing better than real black women, that’s pretty unusual.

She’s not the only person living under a false identity. A lot of people are doing it.
She wants us to accept her for who she wants to be rather than who she actually is. That’s a complicated set of circumstances, but as a black man I have seen women of all races do some very unusual things to “fit in” where they feel comfortable, and some of it is peculiar.

When a black man doesn’t want to act like a thug or street person, and speak and behave better, he is called a sell out and Uncle Tom. They even use to call the black men who wanted something bigger than street life Bryant Gumble, who is  a very talented journalist.

Bryant Gumbel

So now we have a white female who has her life built around and within black culture. That’s not uncommon any more. The inside joke on the street is that that’s a “wigger”. A “white nigger”.
Yep, a new spin on that historic “N” word. But really, it’s just unusual. And actually, I understand it.

Black men probably understand why some white women do that moreso than white men.

A lot of men that are not black would be willing to harm or disown their daughters for something that involves interest in black culture that deeply.

I have known some  of the purest of pure white women in my life. Women who had never even known a black person before me.

I’ve seen white women of every level, but this is a special case.

I’ve never been personal with a woman because she was white nor any other race specific thing.
But I honestly don’t believe everything should be mixed up the wrong way. That’s not really something everyone should be doing. That kind of social stuff can create a lot of social disruption and disturbance because sometime good black men get screwed up by racial politics and sometime bad black men screw up white women. At least if looking at extreme dynamics.

If people are not together for the right reasons they shouldn’t be together.  Race alone is not the right reason.

A lot of white women who are with black men are with them for reasons that are not healthy for society. To party, have sex, smoke weed and dope, drink, procreate mixed race babies that are unplanned. And just things that are not healthy. That’s the part that’s upsetting no matter what race the woman is.


White children have way more problems in their homes and upbringing with their biological parents than people would care to believe. A lot of white kids hide and hold onto to their parents secrets in ways that actually harm them long term.

Parents want to feel like they have some say in the direction and position of their kids lives and they want to feel they matter and have say and influence.

A lot of kids embarrass their parents or their parents embarrass their own children.

A lot of white parents will disown their children and kick them out of the race if they want to do something different than their parents believe in.

Parents actually corrupt children sometime with racial ideologies that the kids don’t believe in and that can create tension in families. A lot of white parents think that at some point most black guys will harm their daughter or hurt the white race etc. Until they come out of denial and realize that it’s more likely a white person will harm a white woman than a black person.

Sometime parents detach from kids to keep their kids from running them crazy or leading them to a heart attack or stroke. Or some other nervous breakdown or anger.

It’s not entirely racial. They just know black culture has some behaviors that endanger society, even as they know there is a race issue at play socially too, they don’t want that conduct in their surroundings. But stable black people don’t want that either.

God only knows what the trauma was that was the main influence in upsetting the parent-child relationship in the Dolezal family. It may have had nothing to do with race.


Some white women are just uncomfortable with racism and the way white men treat other people in general, including white people, so they seek out a place of comfort and acceptance.

A lot of parents today mistreat their children emotionally which will eventually become something psychological because of the nature vs. nurture need of humanity.

Rachel did not seem unsatisfied. And technically, she can be who ever the hell she wants to be in her mind. But her birth certificate gives her a birth identity that the law and census recognizes.

Some white parents raise their children properly and human and some of them instill racist values and other conflicts at a very young age.

And even the church has an influence in racism being embedded in public psychology. The church system is very much divided by race but claim to be for faith towards the same God.

There have always been white women and girls embraced as black sisters. And some of them are literally as lily white as can be. Everyone is not nor  interested in being hung up on race.

All that cultural stress is very taxing and overwhelming for emotional women.
A womans natural senses are not to really be racist.

It’s when they desensitize and become brainwashed and detached from a maternal instinct that they become racist, insensitive, decadent or some other form of feelinglessness.

I have worked hard on women. Some of whom have turned out to be awesome and some huge disappointments and underachievers.

The man bears the burden of it all because in one way or another he is blamed for both what he does and what the woman does too.

Rachel is being used to disparage the black man in subtle bigotry because of personal choices she made. If not for the black man no one would care about race.

I mean after all, she’s in charge of a group driven by a history of serving a pro-black agenda for the most part.

I get upset because they want to blame the black man and hate the black man for a woman wanting to be associated with blackness.

But what if there are parts of blackness that is actually better for them?

This situation raises great and relevant issues because we are being asked why it has to be about color and race?

Who started that?

It goes to show that we don’t live to be human, we are living to be racial, and that’s what’s wrong.
They (the status quo race establishment, pro-black extremists and others) want to make an example out of Rachel because they fear white women siding with the black man. Because without the white woman, racism doesn’t work for the white man. And without the black man pro-black doesn’t work for black extremists.

But I guess Rachel gets what one journalist calls “white privilege” to be black.

It goes to show how a lie is sometime a shield and we have to question whether it was a lie to deceive and harm or a lie to try to find safety and security.

This is an opportunity to make a woman look crazy, stupid and out of her mind. Because it’s so abnormal. But really, she gets a choice of her social identity.

But when you falsify information about who you really are, it compromises the system and could create a lot of problems.

A lot of women make a living and get benefit off black culture that blacks themselves are not even afforded, if being black is the sales point.

I don’t know her personal relationship with her parents, but a lot of kids hate their parents in whole or in part. They just don’t get along.



Parents sometime have kids that are unlike who they are as parents. 

I’m not in a rush to tell any woman white, black or other to go hookin’ up with black men because they are black. That’s stupid. People fail to realize sometime white women are safer with black men than white men. That’s a little known fact.

Misogyny and harm to women is by far not solely a black issue.

Think about it. This woman became who she wanted to be and actually succeeded. That could encourage a whole lot of women to seek out self reliance in non-traditional ways and really, it scares white men.

At the same time fascination with stereotypes about black men as sex objects and criminals or athletes is harmful, even as a lot of stereotypes and myths are true about black cultural conduct.

I am personally concerned when I see white women or any women who take a liking and affection to black male deviance and misconduct. The negative side of black culture.

The NAACP is about social justice. Not really just race, but race is obviously a factor.

People also have to consider that one of the big influences of black culture as relates to the NAACP is a Julian Bond. Who himself is bi-racial.

Most of the time it’s white mothers who are the influencers of bi-racial children and the black fathers of bi-racial children are socially demonized.

This case involving Rachel Dolezal is a very special situation.

White men of a certain strand do not like or approve of free thinking independent women. They want control.

But honestly, this is not about all that.

Something happened to Rachael that is deeply emotional and collides with beliefs and identity at the same time. Rachael has some traumas and she went where it made her feel peaceful and real.

Can a white man or woman have a black soul?

Can a black woman or man have a white soul?

Can a person in their heart and mind feel they have a connectedness that’s different than what their biological skin suggests?

This is in part good for Rachael because there are people who will organize her harm or murder just to scare women and just to disparage black men and make them look like they corrupt women and children.

To trap women psycho-emotionally and make them have to feel like betrayers of their race if they do something else. But again, the problem is a lot of black guys DO corrupt women. If a woman of any color gets with the wrong strand of man it will take a toll on her psychology and her life.

It would be easy to talk tit for tat about how the white man treats women, but we really should take a look at black culture more closely because there is more neglect and abuse of known familial ties and responsibilities.

You have to go through a process to acclimate people to what the change is that you will act upon. You can’t just do certain things against the conform and not expect opposition if people are used to things being only one way.

But when it’s said and done, most of what is invested in civilization is due to the investment in the white woman and the black man.

I have helped raise a lot of babies. Some of whom were bi-racial and thought to be mine. Some bi-racial kids are raised white, and some are raised black. It depends on where the child is.

Rachel may have done something crazy to find a way out of the affliction in her self identity but she may know more than we are giving her credit for about our humanity.

Why do people who would not otherwise care about race feel so impacted by what Rachel is alleged to have been hiding as a white women claiming she is black?

There are white women who act more black than black women. I’ve seen them.

Social science says that if you look in a mirror and you see a different image than what is in the reflection, something might be wrong with you. You might be mentally ill.

But people have a natural right to see themselves how they wish to. It’s just like fashion. People can wear what they want as long as it’s properly worn. So in effect, I guess people can be who they want to be.
For example. We spend billions each year telling kids and adults it’s okay to be a superhero they saw in a film, a cartoon or some other figure or place of heroism. But we know they can’t really be Batman, Cat Woman or Superman and fly through the air or shoot webs like Spiderman etc.

Some artists are complicated people, but complicated people come in all forms.

I just want to make some assertions about this issue before another attack on artists to disparage the profession is put out there.

Women do a lot, go through a lot and are put through a lot by and for society. So when you see a woman do something crazy, you kind of have to accept that that happens sometime when they go over their emotional threshold.

Sometimes it comes out as anger or feminine rage, sometimes it comes out as aggression and desensitizing, sometime it comes out as tears and confusion. And sometime it comes out as unusual crazy behaviors.

Sometime the intelligent crazy bitch (woman) is better. And sometimes she’s not. Sure the “B” word is taboo. This entire situation is taboo.

I want to see what Rachael has to say before I continue this piece, but it’s a very unusual case. And I just hope it’s not part of a race agenda to divide people vs. bring people to understanding together. A lot of people have problems.

And my descriptions have frame of reference, reason, cause and context. I’m not for just disparaging women to be misogynist. But I am for being straight up real with women so they know what’s going on and how men think and feel.

There is no way no one could have known about Rachels situation.

Some people can’t even get an interview with factual information and some people can lead a false identity and be given the key to the City. Strange how that works.

I have long said that we have to accept that there are all kinds of people in this crazy world. And we need that to remind ourselves when we are out of alignment. The only reason we know we are not crazy is when we see something that shows us when someone actually has gone crazy.

But some things that look crazy are not really crazy, we just haven’t seen it before.

There are many least expected people who do far more crazy things than it appears this Rachael has done. They may not change their racial identity, but it’s something else crazy.

My question is this. If white people are so confused about why a white woman would change her race identity, why are they not confused about why white people sun tan?

Some of the most racist people have some of the very best sun tans. Explain that? It’s really no different.
I mean why would a person who claims they are the whitest of white, want to be darker instead of pale?

I just wanted to give some things to consider as we sort out this puzzling issue of identity. As many of you know I have have been covering a lot of issues in this arena.

It’s all a part of selling mixture. The pendulum of segregation has swung back into it’s polar opposite position.

I don’t want this to be about black men. I think this is about something far beyond that.

We’ll learn more as this situation develops but I don’t think we have seen a case like this before.

What if everything about what a person does otherwise is normal and impressive, and then there is this other fraction that makes you question it all?

That’s what we are looking at and dealing with here.

A lot of people are hiding secrets.

Racial, economic, sexual, religious, political, familial, personal……. you name it, it’s all going on.
But what happens when everyone is living a life that is different than who they really are in legal documents?

It matters.

What would happen if everyone was masquerading under a false identity. A lot of people are.

A lot of people live under aliases, nicknames and pen names, stage names, performance names etc.
Basically, she stole her own identity and created a new one. And no one has a right to tell her what to think but legally speaking, we have to know who the people representing public positions really are, if we really want to know.

So since she changed her identity can we make up a name for her that’s black.

Like Keisha Lawanda Brown or something? I don’t know about any of that. This is an unusual situation. According to latest news she’ll be doing a press conference soon.

But it begs the question. If a white man woke up one day and said he was black, what happens? Because some white guys do consider themselves white chocolate. And black culture knows some of them ARE white chocolate.

So Bruce Jenner can become Caitlyn Jenner and be put on the cover of a magazine spread. But when a white woman says she wants to be black, that’s a new problem. Something is strange about that.

Questions of morality, honesty and sanity come into play.

All of it is just all over the place sometime.

I’d rather just be human.

Let’s wait and see what Rachel has to say for herself.

It has been reported that on Monday, June 15, 2015. Rachel resigned her position as President of the NAACP of Spokane and the press conference she had scheduled has been cancelled.

Thanks for reading from the Color Line.


Dolezal Art


By Rachel Dolezal