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LEGAL POLICY disclaimer August 2014:
The exchange and use of information, resources and creativity is a needed commodity when it is a shared and mutual activity. To prevent unfairness and inappropriate use the following information will clarify need to know information for those who want to share resources.

This information is for your protection and knowledge of proper usage.

To date October 2014 nor any point previous to:

No parties have or have in the past had permission to use any content from, on or about artist Reginald T. Radney and Radney Creative or any branches, divisions, components within or a part of, in whole nor in part, for any film, documentary, literary, product, legal or other portrayals in image, likeness or literary content, in use in primary, secondary and any/or other market system(s) without expressed written permission from the owner (Reginald Radney and Radney Creative) of the rights of use of those intellectual and/or other properties, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, proprietary information (or other property), even with, and if, there is ownership of an individual piece(s) of created content.

That means that no party has any permission to try to document or gain at the expense of the artist previous to, nor during, to the date of this original document published August (2014), unless having permission validated verifiable permission, and has violated if the forge the proper measures in a shared resource. Not to forgo the fact that all original work is protected by it’s owner by way of origin starting from concept and designs.

Those who have such permissions will have documented mutual approval and permission that can be proven, validated and authenticated.

At no point have any rights been relinquished for rights to the creations of Reginald Radney/Radney Creative. If approval has been given that approval will be documented mutual and legally obtained. Under most circumstances there will be document of how the art or other property will be used if it is to benefit for profit or other material benefit. That means the artist will also be compensated for having made the product possible.

No other party with the name or name likeness, whether related or unrelated, immediate or distant relative, whether shared in similarity of name or spelling, has any rights to the works, original creations, image or likeness of Reginald Radney/ Radney Creative without expressed permission.

It’s no different than royalties in music. All parties that make the benefit possible should benefit and gain from profits.

You must validate from the aforementioned party(ies) Reginald Radney/Radney Creative that your work is credible and legitimate, especially original masterworks. Validation and verification is available upon request.

This disclaimer applies to the identity of the original creator of the property and covers impropriety by any other party nationally or internationally who may assume the name or name likeness, image or image likeness in order to benefit from the property, image, likeness and creations of artist Reginald Radney/Radney Creative in the form of counterfeit or fraud, or other forms of non-approved obtainment of property.

Those who wish to document or otherwise utilize the work of the artist must illustrate the degree of rights and ownership and a mutual conclusion of a shared benefit.

Parties who wish to sell products or portrayals must seek permissions and also compensate the talent for their use so that the talent can be properly paid for use of their content and image. So that if there is discussion it’s about, and in, the actual art and not a misinformed representation of the talent and artist. Particularly if it is adverse and non-factual information about the artist/talent, or if, and when, the information or data about the talent has been falsified, altered, omitted, distorted or partially disclosed etc.

This disclaimer is a fair and clear warning to protect the artist/talent from harm invoked or inflicted upon them intending (or) not intending to injure due to inappropriate use of data to injure and/or harm, or profit at the expense of the artist.

This legal information within the disclaimer also protects those who wish to share in use and benefit of what the artist has made possible and/or available.

This creative content and material is all protected data of the talent.

No parties have any rights to use any of this material or the image or likeness of the artist in fictitious or non-fiction ways utilizing material or talent owned by the artist without expressed permission from the artist/talent.

All problems and conflicts can be avoided by simply asking for permission, negotiating with, and/or compensating the talent for use of their material (property) so that all parties can earn and gain for their work when finances are available, particularly when profit is involved. And giving proper and adequate credit for what the talent created when necessary.

For example: It is ethical and proper if and when academic finances are available and the artist, or what they do, or something about them (is used) to share with the artist and talent for what they made possible.

This disclaimer is also in the interest of copycat systems in the mainstream marketplace where individuals, groups or entities make parallel systems utilizing content that another source created and sells it as a generic form of an authentic product from the actual talent, without permission.

Just keep it plain and simple and do the right thing and share.

Again, all problems and conflicts can be avoided by simply asking for permission and/or compensating the talent for use of material so that all parties can earn and gain for their work, when and if, profit or finances is/are involved.

This does not eliminate the same responsibility if used for non-profit. If the non profit does not benefit the artist/talent it is not fair use. And the artist/talent must still be given proper and adequate credit and compensation for what the talent created or contributed (to) when necessary.

It is ethical and legal if academic finances are available and the artist or what they do is used, to share with the artist and talent for what they made possible.

This also extends to those who go through other sources to obtain what they allege as information about the artist and talent and use that as their basis to write or portray the said artist and talent.

This disclaimer is directed at all levels of usage.

That means no friends, affiliates, ex-mates, relatives, acquaintances, others etc, who intend to personally profit without benefit to the artist and mutual conclusion are in violation.

That means all professors, educators, genealogists, historians, biographers, producers, actors and actresses, ghostwriters, librarians, trustees, legal counsel, institutions of higher education or members, whether active or retired, past or present must have the same permissions and documents to utilize information or resources about the said talent.

That means also specifically that friends, acquaintances, relatives, employers, teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, and any others that fall into the area of alleged contact past and/or present may only have limited actual knowledge and/or contact with the artist and talent. But they also can not profit at the expense of the artist and/or the artist image or likeness without permission from the artist and compensation.

Those who qualify and are credible will have no problem following the procedure of permission, verification and sharing.

This disclaimer is to limit and minimize mischaracterizations, character assassination and willful harm to image and reputation without just cause to be malicious and/or mean spirited and harmful, injurious or otherwise unlawful.

People can and will, or, have the potential to say or do anything, but that does not mean it is lawful nor that they have a right to harm, injure, exploit or otherwise at the expense of the talent and their property, image or likeness.

I would like to emphasize that hearsay has the potential to be of malicious intent. When false information is provided or used, that can be harmful, injurious and potentially a liability for those who harm or injure.

To that extent it also includes members of legal justice and law enforcement who use legal or law enforcement documents to write portrayals, scripts, literature, film portrayals or other forms of publication for profit or gain at the expense of the name image or likeness of the said talent Reginald Radney using a public taxpayer funded service position or a privately funded venture. The talent/artist still retains their rights and origin of creation.

No law enforcement officer or legal practitioner has a right to exploit peoples misfortune and when circumstances apply make situations that are potentially already bad, worse.

Public Records obtained or written, or documented in reports to harm or injure is potentially malicious. The act of malice, when it involves libel, slander or defamation, makes the original injustice or illegal and unlawful use of property, name, image or likeness worse.

The artist/talent is why what violators want or try to gain from image perception is possible, and therefore that artist/talent should share in benefit of what they create and the use of their talent, image or likeness or be compensated for injury when malicious conduct is involved.

Research is a valued skill and commodity but research is not possible without what the party that is researched has made possible as a justification for need to research.

In the digital culture of leaked information these legal precautions are necessary so as to protect the integrity of the artists work and the artist/talent.

A source has the right to publish material that is alleged to be factual, but not if that material has been unlawfully obtained and used without permission from the creator of that material. Especially if (or when) it does or can harm the talent. The content of this site (documenyt) unless otherwise formally documented, is exclusive and protected content and material of Reginald Radney and Radney Creative.

Press organizations, institutions, corporations and networks must use proper channels of permission to obtain legal use of talent or what they own and create.

Any scandal or contribution to incivility or conflict intended to manufacture a way to justify illegally and unlawfully obtaining protected material without permission is potentially harmful, injurious both in the present and long term.

Seeking out things to scandalize without justification is malice.

We want everyone to enjoy and also share the resources and benefits of what this entity, talent/artist produces. So lets remain legal and ethical and do the right thing and there will be few problems that come as a result.


Copyright of all material is property of R. Radney. This data & literacy material may not be copied, distributed, disseminated or copied by email or electronic transmission, text, video or other sources to multiple sites or sources or posted for distribution without the copyright holders expressed and documented permission. Requests can be made for users at Legal and approved print download or email can be obtained from and can be used for individual use for academic or educational purposes that do not violate fair usage. If you have not heard from the owner or their permitted liaison of the property or material you wish to obtain, proceed with a contact and make a verification.

You can avoid a lot of hassle by purchasing or otherwise negotiating for what you see or wish to obtain. We want to share in growth and benefit, mutually.

This disclaimer is to be upheld under the same basis by the actual law practitioners too.

That means that no law practitioners have a right to utilize the name, image or likeness of the talent or what they produce and create in image or likeness unless it is lawfully obtained, unaltered, and with permission. That means use of protected material in law journals, case law studies etc. that involve profit or gain, or to the opposite extreme for propaganda to engage and enable speculation, hearsay, innuendo, gossip, harmful small talk, visual trauma by portrayal in a false light, public humiliation, willful embarrassment, ridicule, ostracizing, vilifying etc. that may be harmful or injurious to the talent, name or likeness is a violation.

Professional law practitioners will cite the need and reason for use and as applies negotiate a shared mutual benefit, profit or gain with the talent.

That too being said, no disclosure of personal information of unlawfully, illegally obtained and harmful and/or injurious material about the talent is permitted.

You are welcome to verify facts by contacting the source, creator and producer of the material you wish to obtain.


Student and Academic Use:

These legal terms and protections also apply to students. Students should also seek permission for usage. Proper permission and usage will give stronger credibility to what you produce. Communicate about what you are trying to do and obtain and negotiate some proper way to go about it. Plagiarism is illegal.

All material created by this artist/talent, and on this site, is protected by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment under U.S. Copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Therefore no parties in local, state or federal government shall infringe on the free exercise of these rights as long as there is no threat or imminent danger to the safety of any individual or group.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask.

Everyone has a right to look, listen and learn while also being respectful and appropriate in terms of the time, place and location they choose to exercise their freedoms.

We are a professional system and have no interest in those who are not serious about the responsibility that comes with freedom, who wish to engage in harm, injury and incivility.

We encourage positivity and action that illustrates well intention and integrity.

We have a standard of integrity but we are not afraid nor opposed to open expression when done responsibly, intelligently, and with well intention.

What we produce is for your benefit and knowledge.

Thank you.

This legal document and its content will protect all parties involved.

No relatives or other associations, relationships or affiliates are eligible for any of the material or property created by this artist in the absence of the artist. No proprietary sites or social network sites shall provide any information for ownership by any parties in the absence of the talent Reginald Radney unless otherwise formally documented and validated, approved and permitted by the source of the origin of the material.

This disclaimer may be updated periodically.

Last updated October 2014